Christopher Curnan is a painter, sculptor and photographer for whom art has been a lifelong passion.  His work incorporates industrial and organic “found” materials which his gusto for concept, experimentation of technique and effect transform into entirely new dimensions.  He explains his work with organic, environmental, or mechanical materials as a continuously evolving process of “seeing beyond the object.” Using elements of weathering, heat, and extremes of nature and his gift of applying a paintbrush, a camera, a giant excavating machine, or the simplicity of his hands, his work explores dimensions unseen in objects and materials previously discarded and unwanted.  Thus, Chris is inspired to express his belief in the childlike innocence that allows new, inventive  applications of found products- rags used to clean brushes, a leaky oil tank that risks sullying our planet.  He commits to recycling  materials that then take on a new existence.

Curnan’s more than 20 year professional career in construction management, building, and spatial design, followed studies at the Paier College of Art and Design, New Haven, CT. in the ‘80’s  and set the stage to allow him  to apply his finely-tuned skills and aesthetic sense to creating beautiful homes throughout the East Coast.  The expression of his personal art then took shape. “Part of my inspiration comes from our ancestors who used, reused, and turned into tools many parts of their environment taking cues from their world and the animals and nature surrounding them.” Curnan’s keen sensibilities, problem-solving ability, and inventiveness have continued to evolve, but only recently has Curnan been able to devote himself to art-making full time. “I have finally hit my stride!”

Critical Acclaim

“His eye for creating balance and beauty is unmatched.  “Chris has the soul of an artist and the skills to match.  With a style that is confident, raw and unexpected Christopher Curnan is a formidable new talent on the arts scene.”   - Art Critic Nina Bentley

“Chris’s art is intuitive, emotional and energetic, and made with tremendous focus. He has creative fearlessness. If he can visualize it he will realize it.”   - Art Curator Debra Brown



2010   9/11 Memorial, Private Commission, Town of Ridgefield, CT

2010   Holiday Tree, sculpture, Private Commission, City of Stratford, CT

2010   First Note,  The Danbury Ives Concert Park, Danbury, CT

2009   Surface Exchange, Rockwell Art Galleries, New Canaan, CT

2009   Material Changes, Rockwell Art Galleries, Westport, CT

2008   Second Surface, Ridgefield Guild of Art, Ridgefield, CT

2007   Emergence, Second Surface Gallery, New Paltz, NY

2005   Beginning of the End, Westport Art Society at Westport Nature Center, Westport, CT.

2007   Christopher Curnan in the Raw, Galleria d’Arte, Ridgefield, CT



2011   In the Mix , Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, MO

2010   Botanical Dreams and Nightmares, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT

2009   Fresh Pics: Contemporary Art in Connecticut, Ridgefield Guild of Art, Ridgefield, CT



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